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We offer a variety of services directly via online platforms – these are easy to use and provide simple and quick learning and development solutions to your service management issues and needs.

Consultancy has always been regarded as a ‘face to face’ activity, although this can be successfully done virtually and most of the activities are transferrable and achievable via virtual working with a little planning and collaboration.

Training and education have been delivered via technology platforms and online for some time and this can be a rewarding and effective means of imparting knowledge and sharing a learning experience. 

For consulting delivery, the concept of a ‘workshop and sprint’ works well – a collaborative session plus a short discovery and review sprint. This helps to build group consensus, as well as individual knowledge, as part of the solution.

All of the services below are carried out entirely remotely and virtually.   

Virtual Education




Real time workshops


Online Workshops

These contain a mixture of media and provide a self-paced learning opportunity for individuals and teams.

The workshops are accessed and purchased directly from HERE. Once signed up customers can consume the modules for information and learning at their own pace. 

  • An Introduction to Management Consultancy

    Thinking about working as a consultant? This is an overview of the approach, ethics, practices and commercial considerations 

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  • (IT) Service Management Overview

    Practical take-aways to use, plus fundamentals and new ideas from ITSM and ITIL4

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  • Practical Service Catalogue and Design

    Including value stream and journey mapping

    Coming Soon

  • Meaningful Metrics

    How to get value from metrics, inputs and outputs, how to use these to get results

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  • DevOps and ITSM

    Proven guidance based on how organisations face the challenges of getting these teams working effectively 

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  • ITSM tools readiness

    Market guidance, specification and procurement advice, plus readiness tasks that make your implementations deliver more value

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Real time workshops

These can be run as above for organisations, small groups and individuals, as interactive learning and collaborative sessions. These combine live facilitation and presentation with some pre-created video and presentation content, as well as access to relevant materials, templates etc.  

These use collaboration tools for up to 100 people to consume live and interactively. 

Both online and real time workshops can be run either as learning only sessions, or, with some direct individual follow up and work, to achieve a competency certificate.

Now only £995 per day – until 31st July 2020


Media, event and conference presentations

Barclay Rae is available to present and facilitate online conference sessions and virtual events, panels, podcasts, webinars. Please contact directly to discuss


Consulting services are a fast and effective way to solve problems, build new ideas and services, negotiate challenging issues, source new tools and methods, fix project etc. We can help your organisation to move forward quickly, effectively and with an external, un-biased, expert perspective.

We offer the following strategic services:

Service Outcomes Logistics Cost*
Service Management Review

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An objective view with recommendations for improvement – for your ITSM, service desk, and operations teams – improve collaboration and effective delivery
  • Discovery
  • Analysis and review
  • Solutions
  • Workshops as required – generic and practice-specific
Strategy for DevOps + ITSM collaboration

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Practical recommendations how to integrate and achieve collaboration across ITSM and DevOps teams
  • Discovery
  • Analysis and review
  • Solutions
  • Collaboration Workshops
ITSM tool selection and readiness

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Guidance on how to approach the market and prepare for effective implementation to achieve business benefits and ROI.
  • Discovery
  • Analysis and review
  • Market options and shortlists
  • Requirements and tender
  • Procurement support
Service Design and Catalogue – Journey mapping and VSM

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Proven practical advice and guidance on how to build effective value streams to get value from service catalogue. This includes Journey mapping and Value Stream Mapping (VSM) as required
  • Workshop – build service model
  • Discovery – develop service details
  • Discuss and negotiate service levels
  • Implementation support
Bespoke services – what are your issues?

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Get your issues quickly resolved, with clear recommendations and an experienced external perspective
  • The work can be discussed and scoped quickly, based on one or two initial calls and a documented brief
Interim tasks and solutions

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Work delivered offsite to save your time and resource This can include:

  • Documentation writing/updating
  • Contract review /negotiation
  • Recruitment – shortlisting, interviewing
  • Content creation – e.g. communiques, presentations
  • Corporate communications
  • Marketing content
  • Training/learning guides

*Virtual prices, GDP, until 30th June 2020, for standard packages. Additional requirements may be discussed and proposed Prices exclude VAT and any agreed expenses.

Details on key elements of virtual consulting:


This is delivered via video and audio interview sessions, individual and some group meetings, plus data gathering via survey questionnaires and document sharing.

Meetings are with key people involved – internal service delivery, collaboration teams, internal and external customers and users, plus senior leadership.

This work requires some collaboration with clients, in order to schedule and prepare for a short but relatively intense period of 121 and group interviews. These need to be planned and scheduled, with the appropriate people made aware of the purpose and format of the sessions.

Analysis & review

This involves review of discovery materials, plus research and input from industry sources as required. This is delivered with minimal need for client interaction although there is usually one or more feedback and iteration discussions involved, to check on details, review discovery findings and test some feedback before preparing a report and presentation for solutions.


This involves feedback on options, with recommendations and interactive decision support as needed to identify the best actions to take.

This includes delivery of a management report, plus an online presentation workshop and other materials as required. 

Ongoing support, people support, tools and documentation is available as needed to support project initiation and to get started on relevant work. 


We can help you and your organisation to:

Solve issues and challenges with your service management

Learn new ideas, skills and ways of working Learn collectively as a team

Learn individually at your own pace

Build practical solutions from fast advisory consulting services

Choose either learning workshops or additional interactive collaboration

Use workshops and short consulting sprints to identify fast solutions

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All of the services detailed on this website are available for virtual delivery – please email us directly to discuss details and how we can help you directly and quickly