ITSM Goodness

Is a dynamic, practical, fast track approach that cuts through to the core of IT Service Management best practice. Clear and concise, it empowers you to ‘do the basics right’ and achieve best business outcomes from IT, every time.

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2. Build a service structure based on business outcomes. 7. Change and sell the pitch 1. Engage and listen to customers. 4. Get problem management working. 6. Get all of IT working together. 3. Invest in the service desk, the focal point and flagship of IT 5. Report on the useful stuff.


  • Getting the Basics Right

    Simple to understand and straightforward to implement, ITSM Goodness is low cost and leads you to fast, successful results.

    Getting the basics right means:

    • ‘Getting real’ – delivering practical successful solutions
    • Ensuring ITSM focus is on customer experience and business outcomes
    • Delivering value from ITSM projects and operations
    • Making sure that IT is able to protect as well as innovate for its customers
    • Cutting through the mass of industry output to focus on key messages
  • Simple – Straightforward – Successful

    ITSM Goodness supports you to achieve and embed excellent customer satisfaction, aligned business outcomes and proven IT value as solid foundations for tangible, ongoing success.

  • ITSM Goodness Offers

    • Masterclasses
    • Workshops
    • Training
    • Consulting

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