ITSM Goodness in Action – FAST!

ITSMG Logo low resDO YOU:

  • Need practical skills and tools to get moving with ITSM?
  • Want to refresh an ITSM project?
  • Need some guidance and support to help you move your project forward?
  • Want ‘light touch’ help – quick, cost effective facilitation?

Then an ITSM Goodness Workshop and Sprint package is right for you!

  • What’s involved?

    Three elements, delivered in just a few days to gain momentum and build consensus across your organisation:

    Discovery and Review

    This brings strategic background and planning to your project. It includes a route map, SWOT and Gap analysis, options and recommendations.

    ITSM / Service Desk Review SWOT, Gap analysis, recommendations, planning – quick tips on how to improve 1 – 2 days

    Group Workshops

    Which bring together training, group development, planning and buy-in.

    Workshop What’s Involved Days
    ITSM Goodness Workshop Acclaimed industry overview of ITSM and how to do it practically. Follow the 7 Steps to achieve success. Can include ITSM simulation game. 1 – 2 days
    Service Catalog / Design Workshop Service Catalog and SLM guidance, education and workshop to define services. 1 day
    CSI Workshop –
    Metrics, Problem and Knowledge
    Develop metrics that matter, how to make Problem and Knowledge Management work. 1 day
    ITSM Product Selection Workshop Market overview, recommendations and guidance on specifying requirements and procurement, shortlist ideas, project  guidance. 1 day

    Sprint Activities

    Which start to develop quick practical actions on your improvement plan. These are developed as part of the initial review and involve some external mentoring.

    ITSM Project Sprints CSI Register, templates, documents and guidance on developing activity. Mentoring and review of progress. 1 – 2 days per sprint
  • What does this give you?

    These sessions help organisations move forward quickly without having to engage in long and costly consultancy programmes. Our philosophy is to provide a lot of high value feedback and guidance as quickly as possible and then let organisations get on with the job themselves.

    Key Benefits:

    • Independent external view and quick clarity on issues and causes
    • Experienced and practical solutions for action
    • Facilitation and group development through experiential workshops
    • Quick learning around key ITSM projects and process areas
    • Industry aware input and solutions
    • Practical solutions and tools for sprints
    • Mentoring and support to help skills transfer and development
  • How does this work?

    We agree a package to suit your needs based on the basic components above, plus any further specific requirements.

    This generally involves around 5 – 10 days’ work – this can vary by organisation. We carry out the work quickly and achieve significant benefits and progress for your organisation in a very short time.

    Naturally we can also provide individual components like workshops and short reviews as stand-alone services, but our principal goal is to deliver high value strategic results to you and this is best achieved through a complete short programme.