itSMF UK CX/XLA forum

Event Start Date:
September 15, 2020
Event End Date:
September 15, 2020
Event Venue:

I’m delighted to be hosting and participating in the following discussion, which will be run as a live session at the opening of the itSMF UK conference on 16th November 9am GMT:

ITIL 4 – the architects’ view

A discussion with ITIL luminaries Barclay Rae, Stuart Rance, Mark Smalley, Lou Hunnebeck, David Cannon, Roman Jouralev and Erika Flora.

This will involve discussion around the creation, development and ultimate value of the ITIl4 books – from the authors / Lead Editors. This will include some short personal insights on the publications, how they were created etc, plus discussion on how to use and get value from the books – particularly how they relate to each other.

This will be followed by an extended session for audience questions – from live attendees and beyond.

Overview of the full ITIL4 programme and output Author’s perspective on each book – approach to writing, contributing authors, key messages, plus the exam programme – overview and expectations

What is in Digital and IT Strategy ? How was this put together and what is different about this book – e.g. case work. How is this publication relevant for all – not just leaders

High Velocity IT overview  HVIT’s background, intent and content in order to prime the interactive part with potential discussion topics such as ethics, psychological safety, service experience, working with complexity.

Create Deliver and Support and Drive Stakeholder Value overviews – leading the drive to mapping – value stream/customer journey

Direct Plan and Improve overview DITS, DPI and HVIT – what’s the difference?

How are practices to be used? (Stuart) Explanation of the approach beyond the books, plus how to access and use these in context

How do we use ITIL4 including how do we leverage existing (v2/v3) investment in training and knowledge. How do the books/programmes relate to each other what are the differences and different perspectives of the books when they might seem to cover similar areas.

Questions  From the audience, or those submitted in advance