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In the last few months I’ve been trying to think positively about how to change some things for good (benefit), and for good (forever), post-covid. How do I make changes and make them stick…  I’ve never been good at New Year resolutions, or particularly good at sticking to new regimes like diets or using new […]

Mapping Customer Experience and Value Streams

On a ‘journey’…  O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!  (Robert Burns, ‘To a louse’) Don’t worry about trying to understand the Scots language, this famous quote from Burns is often used to remind us of the value of ‘feedback’ (in modern terms…). In other words it’s vital […]

People satisfaction and social continuity

For some time now there has been a ‘human’ movement in the technology world and beyond, towards humanising work and recognising the value of our people. This has included the need to provide them with a work environment where they can flourish, develop skills and achieve good levels of satisfaction and engagement in their work […]

Outcome and Experience Metrics (OXMs) – beyond the Watermelon

My recent blog on Watertight, not watermelon SLAs had a fantastic response, with nearly 5,000 reads via LinkedIn. It also drove a number of discussions and I established  some new contacts as a result. This subject clearly ‘hit a nerve’ so this is the follow up to that with more detail around what this means and what […]

itSMF UK and me… 5 years on

This week I will attend my final board meeting as a director of itSMF UK. I’ve been a board member for exactly 5 years, with just under 3 of these as (operational) CEO. I am proud of my time with the organisation – it’s been a ‘roller coaster’ with many ups and downs, but it’s […]

AI and ITSM – it’s a matter of confidence

We are constantly being bombarded with content and hype around the ‘post-covid’ world. Some of this of course is valuable and essential – discussing and planning around how people and organisations should think about the world after lockdown.  In IT this has been particularly life-changing, as we have seen a large amount of change, ‘digital […]